Thursday, 5 June 2014

last day

3D printing is not new but it is now exploding and blooming into something that can potentially be the greatest invention of this (technically last) century! With 3D printing, previously impossible shapes can be made in ever faster time. Customised prosthetics etc etc. 3D printing is a general term but more specifically we are actually looking at additive manufacturing. I definitely learned more about life at a university. It's a lot broader and on a much bigger scale than I imagined. It is a very independent lifestyle. No more chasing homework. That last presentation was very stressful for some reason, I guess because I had to accurately represent what we did and learned.

Second Day

We finished up our projects and me and Eunice worked on our presentation for the school. I learnt techniques and tips to make a presentation more aesthetically pleasing and more entertaining and more brief. It felt fun, and yet productive. I worked all day and had fun doing it. I learnt valuable skills and will probably apply them in time to come.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

First Day

- What did you do today? We got to work on our project by first thinking of ideas on how we would pose ourselves for the photo. We then took our photo in front of a green screen. This we used for compositing in our photo which we edited on for the rest of the day. - What did you learn today? The amount of work that hoes into photoshopped photos we see almost daily. We also learnt the foundation skills of photoshopping, masking, transforming etc. - How do you feel about today’s activities? It was fun, to be honest I think we were given way too much time, I had expected perhaps a few photos each but it was only one photo. I was done within an hour even though I took my time. The rest of the day was used making different versions of my photo or talking. Other than that I found it very interesting using the professional equipment for a whole day. It was very efficient and so much easier than the LD's we use normally.