Tuesday, 3 June 2014

First Day

- What did you do today? We got to work on our project by first thinking of ideas on how we would pose ourselves for the photo. We then took our photo in front of a green screen. This we used for compositing in our photo which we edited on for the rest of the day. - What did you learn today? The amount of work that hoes into photoshopped photos we see almost daily. We also learnt the foundation skills of photoshopping, masking, transforming etc. - How do you feel about today’s activities? It was fun, to be honest I think we were given way too much time, I had expected perhaps a few photos each but it was only one photo. I was done within an hour even though I took my time. The rest of the day was used making different versions of my photo or talking. Other than that I found it very interesting using the professional equipment for a whole day. It was very efficient and so much easier than the LD's we use normally.

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